30th January 2022

Wedding Readings for Valentine’s Day – “One More Love Poem”

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Welcome back to our Sunday segment, Wedding Readings Ideas. Here we source and share some of our favourite texts perfect for weddings. This week we are focusing on wedding readings for Valentine’s Day. We try and include a variety of ideas so that there is a reading suggestion for every kind of speech at every kind of wedding!

However, if you are looking for a reading suggestion for a specific event, please feel free to leave us a comment. We would love to help you source one.

wedding readings for Valentine's day

The Reading

This week’s reading is One More Love Poem by Dunya Mikhail.


If I had one more day
I would write a love poem
composed of one word
repeated like binary code.

I’ll multiply it by the number
of days that passed 
without saying it to you
and I’ll add the days

when I said it with no words
because I want to say it 
more. And like a bee 
gathering pollen, I’ll collect 

everything ever said 
in one word like a square root
multiplied by the power of ten.
I’ll count even that day

when my anger at you
or for you turned me into 
a stone, and also the days 
when I was away

sending my songs like 
postcards to the lonely,
feeling you in every touch 
of love I gave to the world.

I’ll count all my days,
even the nine months of days 
before I was born, to say  
this exponential, growing “I love you.”

Why We love It

This is one of our favourite wedding readings for Valentine’s Day. We love the way the romantic message of the poem slowly builds, echoing the author’s wish to slowly build a love poem day by day. This is a perfect poem for a wedding, as it contains themes of unconditional love, and eternal love. The poet loves their partner even on days where they argue, and feels they even loved them before they were born.

If you like this reading, keep your eyes peeled next Sunday and every Sunday from here on out. We will share more wedding readings for Valentine’s Day, Christmas weddings, vow renewals, and more.