8th October 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Your Wedding Ring Budget

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Wedding budgets are a tough nut to crack. There are so many aspects to a wedding and they all come with that extra wedding price tag. It’s easy to push the seemingly small stuff aside so that you can afford a flashier venue, a sit down dinner, or a designer gown, but it is important to remember that those things will only matter for one day. There are “small” aspects of your wedding day that will last you a lifetime and should definitely be prioritised. With that in mind, here are five reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on your wedding ring budget.


1 – They Are The One Thing From Your Wedding You Will Wear Forever


wedding ring budget
Polished diamond cut wedding ring in 18ct white gold

Think about it – while the dress will live on in pictures, unless it’s a non-traditional wedding gown you will only be wearing it once. Your rings on the other hand will become a part of your daily wardrobe. It is so important that you choose a ring that not only suits your style, but one that will have longevity.

We recommend choosing a timeless style that compliments your other jewellery to make sure you always want to wear it! For people who do not wear jewellery in their daily life, comfort is key. Choose something timeless and most probably lightweight so that it does not feel strange on your hand.


2 – They Are a Traditional Symbol of Your Eternal Love

wedding ring budget
Textured wedding ring in 18ct yellow gold

Call us romantics, but we love the symbolism of a wedding ring. The precious metal represents how rare and valuable true love is. After all, it is hard to come by! The continuous loop of the ring represents eternity and serves as a physical promise that your love will last forever.

Another positive of the wedding band is that it shows the world that you are in a committed relationship. It is an easy way to shout about how in love you are, and we think that’s beautiful.


3 – Wedding Rings are the First Gift You Give Your New Spouse

wedding ring budget
6mm wide wedding band with off centre channel set brilliant cut diamonds

Standing at the altar as you say your vows you suddenly transition from a couple into a married couple. This is a momentous occasion, which is marked with the exchange of rings. The rings are significant for so many reasons, but partly because they are your first gift to each other. Think about how much you would normally spend on a gift for your spouse and then factor in the importance of the occasion and then plan your wedding ring budget around that!


4 – Personalised, Romantic Touches Like Engraving Tend to Cost a Little More

wedding ring budget
“You For Me and Me For You” laser engraved wedding ring

Making your wedding ring extra romantic with a personal touch like an engraved inside joke or love note might cost a little extra but it will make all the difference to a treasured piece of jewellery. Don’t make your wedding ring budget an afterthought and instead set aside enough funds to get exactly what you want. You could add precious stones, decorative touches, or even go for a fully bespoke design. There is no need to cut corners on this important piece of jewellery.


5 – Precious Metals are a Good Investment

wedding ring budget
18ct yellow gold full eternity ring with brilliant cut diamonds

Let’s get cynical for a minute here. In the event that financial tragedy were to strike, your marriage ends and you need cash, or the stock market crashes, it will always be a positive to have a piece of precious metal on your hand. Gold is an extremely constant investment, with Platinum not coming far behind in holding its value. Unlike any other aspect of your wedding day, your rings are bound to increase in value over time. This should definitely be a consideration when deciding your wedding ring budget.