10th November 2021

What is a Micro Wedding?

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What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are weddings with fewer than 20 guests. Unlike an elopement, a micro wedding includes the ceremony and the celebration. People who have micro weddings do not usually plan to have a larger wedding celebration later on.

Your micro wedding can look and feel exactly how you want it to – the options are really endless. Choose a small country house or boutique hotel for a stay away wedding. For a luxury affair you could book a private room in a fancy restaurant. You can even go for an aesthetic location like an old library, a ruined church, or an aquarium.


Why Choose a Micro Wedding?

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Spend Less For a More Luxury Experience

If budget is a big concern when planning your wedding, then keeping the guest list to your nearest and dearest may be the right choice for you. The fewer guests you invite, the lower your costs. This even comes down to things like favours and the wedding cake; you don’t have to supersize everything for all of your guests.

Further to this, your wedding budget will stretch much further if you limit your guest list. This means you can enjoy a much more high quality meal, more free-flowing drinks, and even a wedding that spans multiple days if you wish. Luxury and great hospitality are affordable if you keep your guest list small.

No Need for a Cookie Cutter Package Wedding

With a smaller guest list you can really personalise every aspect of your day. Since you won’t need to worry about the logistics of directing a hundred guests, you can focus on how you want your day to run. This could be personal elements like incorporating your passions or career. You could create individualised favours for your guests, or incorporate your favourite dishes into a bespoke tasting menu. Some couples even choose to go all out and create a themed event.

You Can Relax!

Planning a wedding for over a hundred guests requires intense organisation and liaison with so many suppliers and guests. Putting together seating plans, chasing RSVPs and accommodating all of your guests’ needs can be a real headache. Not to mention that on the day itself you will have the added pressure of speaking to all of your guests and dealing with any on the day issues.

If you choose a micro wedding, the planning process will inevitably be much less stressful and complicated. With fewer guests you can be confident that everyone in attendance will be your biggest supporters. There will be less financial pressure, and more time to devote to your guests and your partner.


What Are the Potential Drawbacks?

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People Who Do Not Get Invited May Feel Hurt

This will take some serious consideration, and the guest list needs to be a collaboration between you and your partner. You need to consider whether you would miss having a large group of friends and extended family at your wedding, and whether the hurt feelings will be worth it. That being said, nobody is entitled to a wedding invite. You should only have people at your wedding that you really want to be there!

You Might Miss the Big Party

It is so vital that you fully think through the ramifications of a micro wedding. You need to decide if the style of day is right for you. Think seriously if you would miss the classic wedding things like dancing with all your friends, throwing the bouquet, and having your first dance in front of all of your family and friends. If you have always dreamed of a big family wedding then don’t let current trends or the promise of a luxury boutique experience deter you from what you actually want.


Top Tips for a Micro Wedding

Decide on Your Non-Negotiables

Before you start planning your micro wedding, sit down with your partner and decide what you must have at your event. Perhaps you could each choose three things that you won’t budge on, and then from there you can work on incorporating them into your big day. This will create a great basis to start your budget from and help you to figure out how much you need to save.

Choose the Right Venue

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It is important to select a venue that caters to micro weddings. Large wedding venues will be experienced in providing much less personal events, and may not be able to offer the boutique experience you are after.

Have your non-negotiables in mind when selecting the venue. You need to ensure that everything you are looking for will be possible before booking.

Be True to Yourself

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This is the most important point we can stress, and it really is the core behind every possible decision. No decision is the wrong decision when it comes to your micro wedding. Fancy getting married in a vintage suit? Perfect! Prefer a luxury satin ballgown? Also perfect. The benefit of a micro wedding is the sheer scope of possibility. You could choose to have a long weekend away at a French chateau for your nuptials, or a romantic sunset beach ceremony. You may want to incorporate a mini-moon into your wedding celebration, and marry at a luxury hotel you can stay on at after the festivities are done.

The only caveat for a micro wedding is that your guest list remains under 20 people, so you have to do some soul searching and ensure this is right for you. From then on, every choice is yours to make!