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Engagement Rings

Bespoke Wedding Rings Service



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We are here to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect ring, ensuring you choose the right style and combination of diamond size and quality. All within your budget! Our diamond engagement rings are made to order in the UK and are set by our highly skilled diamond setters in our own workshop based in Brighton. As we don’t have the overheads and stock restrictions of a high street shop, we are able to offer a unique range of engagement rings at much lower prices.

Bespoke Wedding Rings Service

Engagement Ring Styles

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Our collection includes solitaire, trilogy, and vintage style engagement rings. Most styles are available with brilliant and princess cut diamonds, as well as fancy cuts such as oval, pear, emerald, and marquise. Our team will hand select your stone to ensure that you receive the best possible quality for your budget. If you have questions regarding the 4 C’s, please contact our customer service team who would be more than happy to help. We only purchase diamonds from vendors who adhere to the Kimberley Process and/or are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, so you can feel confident that you are buying a conflict free stone. All centre stones of 0.25ct and above will be supplied with a diamond certificate from the GIA, IGI, or HRD. For more information about choosing the right diamond visit our buyer’s guide or contact our dedicated customer service team for advice.

Bespoke Wedding Rings Service


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Engagement rings are available in platinum, palladium, and yellow, rose, or white gold. We recommend that you choose the metal which best reflects your style and your budget. For more guidance on metal choice please visit our buyer’s guide or contact our customer service team.

Most of our engagement ring range is available to try at home as a sample. From just £6 you can borrow a replica of your dream engagement ring to try on at home and ensure it fits with your personal style. Trying a sample first takes all the guesswork out of engagement ring shopping, and has the added benefit of giving you the freedom to try the ring at home rather than in a jewellery shop. You can even use one of our sample rings to propose with. This can be a relief if you are unsure of which style your partner would prefer, or if you wish to ring shop together but keep the proposal a surprise. Please let us know if you wish to use your sample ring to propose with, and we will give it an extra polish before sending it out to you.



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You can also Sample our rings before committing. Why not take advantage of our unique sample service. From just £6 for an engagement ring, you are sure to make precisely the right choice. We hold a large stock of replica solitaire engagement rings for you to borrow. This means you can get a feel of the ring, its style and help you decide to select the perfect ring for yourself or your future partner. You can also use one of these rings to propose with. This can be a relief if you are not 100% sure which style or design your partner prefers and means that you can select a ring together after they have said yes! Let us know if this is your plan, and once you have ordered the engagement ring samples we can give the ring a fresh polish to look brand new!



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Create your perfect wedding, engagement, or eternity ring with the help of our dedicated jewellers.

Bespoke Engagement Rings Service


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If you can’t find your engagement ring amongst our collection, then our bespoke service is on hand to help you build the ring of your dreams. Whether you are starting from an idea, a picture, or even a sketch, our in-house bespoke jeweller can help you turn your ideas into reality. Contact us today to begin your bespoke ring journey with a free quote.



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What counts as a bespoke item?
Bespoke items are jewellery pieces made specifically to your design requirement and that cannot be found on our website. They can also be items from our website that have been changed from their original design especially for you. Please note that we sometimes refer to engraved items as bespoke, as they are personalised for you, but these can be ordered directly online.
How long does it take?
This will depend on the time required to get the design right and approved by you, how quick you are on replying to emails as well as how busy our design workshop is at the time. It usually takes at least 4 weeks from final design approval and payment to delivery.
How much does it cost?
The consultation and design stage is FREE of charge. Once we have an outline of the design, we can supply you with a cost estimate. The final cost will depend on the materials needed, i.e. the cost of the precious metals and/or diamonds, plus the workshop costs. As with all our products, we want you to have your perfect ring at the best price possible! On a case by case basis we may be able to get your bespoke ring to you quicker than 4 weeks, however this would need to be discussed with our bespoke jeweller.
Are bespoke items returnable?
As this ring would not be a standard ring that is available on the site, it would be considered a bespoke item and therefore non-returnable.

Welcome to Wedding Rings Direct, your trusted source for exquisite engagement rings made in the heart of Brighton. Our collection features a variety of styles, each meticulously designed to embody the essence of your unique love story. From solitaire to vintage, three stone, and halo designs, our collection celebrates the eternal beauty of your love story. Discover ethically sourced diamonds certified through the Kimberley Process. 

Solitaire Engagement Rings - Embrace Timeless Minimalism: 

Experience elegance in its purest form with solitaire engagement rings. These timeless designs feature a single stunning diamond at their heart, symbolising the unbreakable bond between two hearts.

Vintage Engagement Rings - Reliving the Romance of Eras Past: 

Transport yourself to the romance of bygone eras with vintage engagement rings. Each ring carries the echoes of history, celebrating the enduring love that spans generations.

Three Stone Engagement Rings - A Trilogy of Love: 

Celebrate your journey with three stone engagement rings, where each stone represents your past, present, and future together. These rings embody the continuity of your shared story.

Halo Engagement Rings - Surrounding Love with Brilliance: 

Elevate your love's brilliance with halo engagement rings. A radiant centre diamond is embraced by a halo of smaller diamonds, representing the luminance of your love's journey.

Certified Diamonds and Ethical Sourcing: 

Our commitment to quality is reflected in the certification of our diamonds. Each diamond undergoes meticulous grading by expert gemologists to ensure its authenticity, brilliance, and value. Additionally, our diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process, ensuring that they are conflict-free and ethically sourced. This process guarantees that the diamonds we offer contribute to positive social and environmental practices, making your symbol of love even more meaningful.

Our Brighton Engagement Rings Showroom

Customers within travelling distance of Sussex who prefer a personal experience can book appointments in our dedicated Brighton showroom. Try our range of sample rings in the comfort of a two hour appointment slot, designed to give you the space to shop at your own pace. Discuss every detail with our experts, from diamond shape to cut to clarity; to metal choice; to a perfectly matching flush fit wedding band. 

Explore Our Engagement Rings - Crafted for Your Forever: 

Delve into our curated collection of engagement rings, each thoughtfully designed to capture the unique narrative of your love story. From classic solitaire to nostalgic vintage, symbolic three stone, and luminous halo designs, your forever begins in Brighton with Wedding Rings Direct.