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An eternity ring symbolises never ending love. Discover full eternity rings which feature a continuous line of precious stones around the full circumference of the band, or choose a half eternity ring with gems set around the top half of the ring. From vintage eternity rings with details inspired by the Edwardian era of jewellery, to contemporary diamond bands set with brilliant cut, princess cut, or baguette cut diamonds, to unique eternity rings set with coloured gemstones, there is a ring in our range that is just right to symbolise your love and commitment. Each eternity band is lovingly hand-finished by our expert diamond setter in our Brighton workshop.

Bespoke Wedding Rings Service

Discover Diamonds

Our range of diamond eternity rings are made with stones sourced from our diamond merchants in either London or Antwerp, Europe’s diamond trading hub. We hand select every one to ensure that every piece of jewellery we make is of the highest possible quality. Diamonds in eternity rings tend to be too small to warrant certification, but we are able to provide certificates for your stones if required. Please be aware that this can dramatically increase the cost of your ring.

Bespoke Wedding Rings Service

Discover METALS

Our rings can be made in a number of different metals including platinum, palladium and white gold. For more guidance on metal choice, please visit our Buyer’s Guide or alternatively give us a call and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Bespoke Eternity Rings

Take control of your love story with our full bespoke service.

Bespoke Wedding Rings Service


At the heart of WRD is our workshop and the expert team of jewellers who work to bring your wedding rings to life. If you can’t find the perfect eternity ring in our ready to order selection, we would love to discuss a bespoke creation with you. Bespoke consultations and quotes are always free of charge and come without any sales pressure. Choose a bespoke eternity band if you wish to include personal touches such as birthstones or fancy cut diamonds.


Discover an exquisite collection of eternity rings at Wedding Rings Direct. Explore full and half eternity rings with brilliant, princess, and baguette cut diamonds. Delve into the history of this tradition, and marvel at our carefully curated collection, while understanding our commitment to ethically sourced diamonds. The tradition of eternity rings traces back centuries, a testament to love's boundless journey.

A Glimpse into Eternity Ring Tradition: 

Eternity rings, with their continuous circle of precious stones, have been a timeless symbol of eternal love since ancient Egyptian times. They gained prominence during the Roman period, symbolising fidelity and unbreakable bonds. This tradition endures today, as eternity rings continue to be a cherished emblem of commitment.

Eternity Rings in Diverse Styles: 

Discover our collection of eternity rings, embracing various styles to cater to your unique taste. From full eternity rings adorned with a continuous row of diamonds to half eternity rings offering elegance and comfort, our selection caters to every preference.

Certified Brilliance - Ethical Sourcing: 

While small diamonds in eternity rings are typically not certified, at Wedding Rings Direct, we offer the option of certification upon request and for a fee. We are committed to transparency and quality, ensuring that our diamonds are ethically sourced and adhere to the Kimberley Process, supporting responsible practices in the diamond trade.

Explore Eternity Rings - A Celebration of Everlasting Love: 

Explore our curated collection of eternity rings, each symbolising the perpetual nature of your love story. From full eternity rings with coloured gemstones to vintage-inspired designs and elegant princess, brilliant, and baguette cut eternity rings, find your perfect embodiment of eternal devotion at Wedding Rings Direct.