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10 of the Best Engagement Rings For Men

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Engagement rings for men are becoming more and more popular. Whether you are proposing to your man, or want to buy him a ring in return for proposing to you there are so many options to choose from. We have curated a selection of our favourite masculine and unisex ring designs that feature diamonds to give you some inspiration of what is possible.

If you can't find the right ring in this list, get in touch with our bespoke team to discuss custom engagement rings for men. We love working directly with clients to get the perfect ring - if you can dream it, we can do it.


Diamond Scatter Ring

engagement rings for men
Diamond scatter ring

This design features seven brilliant cut diamonds arranged in a geometric pattern reminiscent of argyle checks. We love this ring because the scattering of the stones creates an appealing sparkle which catches the eye without overpowering. This is one of the more decorative suggestions we have for engagement rings for men. Due to the larger amount of diamonds, we suggest you choose this for somebody who likes to wear jewellery already.


Princess Cut Diamond Ring

engagement rings for men
Princess cut diamond ring

The princess cut diamond sits powerfully in the band of this ring. The stone appears to be floating in a tension setting, but is supported fully with a bezel at the back. The setting of the stone has alternating angles reminiscent of a Mondrian painting, making this ring perfect for a lover of the clean lines and angles of modern art.


Yellow Gold Dual Diamond Ring

engagement rings for men
Yellow gold dual diamond ring

It is important to note that engagement rings for men can be just as romantic as ones for women. A good example is this yellow gold ring. Two small diamonds adorn this elegant ring. Together they symbolise two becoming one, resulting in a harmonious design that works perfectly for an engagement. This design is understated, and is perfect for a romantic minimalist.


Baguette Cut Diamond Ring

engagement rings for men
Baguette cut diamond ring

Why not consider a fancy cut diamond for your partner's engagement ring. For example, step cut diamonds create an elegant hall of mirrors effect in this minimalist design. Thanks to the powerful composition, this ring is perfect for someone with a strong sense of style.


Diamond Cut-Out Ring

engagement rings for men
Diamond cut-out ring

Negative space design features can make a huge difference in the overall look of a ring. For instance, this ring features an oval cut-out section. The three diamonds which are bezel set then appear to be suspended in thin air. The design takes nods from mechanical inspirations, and calls to mind the look of rivets and screws.


Wavy Groove Diamond Ring

engagement rings for men
Wavy groove diamond ring

The contrast of strong lines against round diamonds can create a really striking ring design. For example, this contemporary design features a laser cut wave around the full circumference of the ring. Into this is set three small brilliant cut diamonds for a subtle touch of luxe.


Princess Cut Diamond Ring With Bevelled Edges

engagement rings for men
Princess cut diamond ring with bevelled edges

This design features a classic princess cut stone set between luxurious bevelled edges. The ring catches the light in an interesting way because the central band has a matte finish while the edges are left polished. The play of textures and heights add interest to the ring, whilst maintaining an overall cohesive finish.


Off-Set Brilliant Cut Diamond Groove Ring

engagement rings for men
Off-set brilliant cut diamond groove ring

This striking design plays with balance. Featuring eight brilliant cut diamonds off-set evenly around the band, these are mirrored with a strong laser cut groove on the opposing side. The ethereal diamonds contrast with the strong groove which creates a pleasing play on depth.


Baguette Cut Diamond Ring

engagement rings for men
Baguette Cut Diamond Ring

This design celebrates the beauty of the baguette cut diamond. Simply set in the centre of the wide band, this ring takes inspiration from the classic solitaire. While traditional in inspiration, this concept is elevated to a more masculine design with the addition of the strong band and East-West setting style.


Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring with Channel

engagement rings for men
Single brilliant cut diamond ring

This powerful design explores symmetry. It features a single brilliant cut diamond set centrally in a smooth channel which is cut into the full circumference of the ring. Because of the simple symmetry, the eye is expertly drawn to the central stone. This design is perfect for an understated individual.