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Valentine's Day Gifts : Gift Guide

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Valentine's Day is at such an awkward time of year. It feels like Christmas has barely finished before it's time to think about the next gift giving holiday! While Valentine's Day is first and foremost about love and not presents, it is still nice to get a little something for your partner to let them know how much you love them. Our gift guide covers Valentines Day gifts for all budgets so there's plenty of options no matter how much or how little you have to spend.


Valentine's Day Gifts For Him


Under £10

Jar of Love Notes, Handmade - £2.99+

Love letter jar

Perfect for your first Valentine's Day when the love runs strong and the budget runs slim. In order to keep this cost effective you can either reuse a pretty jam jar, or repurpose a mason jar for this DIY gift. You can splurge on some pretty paper and a good pen to write your love notes with, and be sure to fill the jar all the way to the top! (Coloured paper multipacks run from between £2.99-£7.99 on Amazon). A good tip for this gift is to begin a month or two before Valentine's Day and write one or two love notes a day. This way they can be based on little moments you have together and won't feel rushed or samey.


Under £50

Latitude & Longitude Engraved Bar Pendant, Otterly Yours - £45

Credit: Otterly Yours Designs

This gorgeous sterling silver bar pendant can be personalised with your choice of latitude and longitude coordinates. These could be the location of where you first met, your home, or even your partner's birthplace. The slim, minimalist design of the bar pendant is subtly masculine. We recommend choosing an 18 inch chain for a more flattering look.


Under £100

Personalised Compass Ring, Otterly Yours Designs - £68-£80

Valentine's Day gifts
Credit: Otterly Yours Designs

This is a great piece to gift your partner on Valentine's Day. The symbolic compass shows that you are guided by your love for them, while the simple design is infinitely wearable. This is a great gift for anyone who loves to travel. You can even personalise the engraved message inside with a completely bespoke inscription.



Toi et Moi Ring, Wedding Rings Direct - £302.01+

This gorgeous ring is fully customisable from the metal to the width to the profile of the piece. The two brilliant cut diamonds are a sweet reminder of you and your partner. This is a beautiful ring which can be worn with pride.


Valentine's Day Gifts For Her


Under £10

Homemade Heart Chocolates

Stuck on what to get your loving girlfriend for Valentine's Day? Why not have a crack at one of our most popular DIYs, these handmade love heart chocolates. You can make them as simple or as decadent as you want, and customise the flavours to your lover's palette. Plus, these are sure to impress. Once you've got the mould, you can crack these out for all kinds of future occasions!


Under £50

Personalised Roman Numeral Bar Pendant, Otterly Yours Designs - £50

Credit: Otterly Yours Designs

Treat her to a chic sterling silver bar pendant with the date that you met, your wedding anniversary, or even your birthday in roman numerals. This necklace will fit in seamlessly with her other jewellery and will be easy to layer for a fashion forward look. We love how the bar is set lengthways across the chain, as this will really flatter her collarbones.


Under £100

"I Love You to the Moon and Back Again" Ring, Otterly Yours - £65-£77

Credit: Otterly yours Designs

If you're looking for a super sentimental gift then look no further than this adorable ring from Otterly Yours. Handmade in sterling silver, this special little piece features the quote "I love you to the moon" on one side of the ring, followed by "and back again" on the underside. You can even add your own personal message on the inside for a small fee of £2. We love how personal and sweet the sentiment of this ring is, and think it is the perfect Valentine's Day gift.



Faith, Hope, Charity Diamond Ring, Wedding Rings Direct - £1226.03+

Express your love with this exquisite piece of jewellery. The anchor, heart and cross representing faith, hope, and charity are set with round brilliant diamonds which adds a touch of class to this otherwise quirky piece. This is a gorgeous token of affection, appropriately decadent, and cool enough to work for every day wear.