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Creating a Custom Wedding Ring

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As a company we pride ourselves on the fact that we have the largest "off the rack" shaped wedding ring selection in the UK. Nevertheless, often brides are looking for something completely custom to suit a very unusual engagement ring. Recently we have been making more and more of these bespoke designs due to the rising popularity of fancy cut diamonds, and vintage style rings. Our latest custom wedding ring was made to fit around a gorgeous vintage style emerald cut diamond ring with an art deco step cut halo.

The Ring in Question

Custom wedding ring


This stunning engagement ring was a challenge because of its unusual elongated octagonal shape. The custom wedding ring needed to fit snugly around the intricate underside. The next problem to overcome is the diamonds. This engagement ring is set with beautifully custom cut step-cut diamonds, shaped precisely to fit into the halo for this centre stone. This customer decided that their budget would not allow for custom cut diamonds, so we had to find a solution to selecting diamonds that fit without breaking the bank!

The Process

In order to achieve a snug fit, our head jeweller took a plain silver band and cut the shape of the engagement ring edge directly out of the silver. This was not 100% precise because you always need to leave some leeway for shape adjustments later.


custom wedding ring


We then attached a screw to this silver band and used it to create a casting mould to cast the real ring from platinum. We often choose this method over CAD because it is quick and allows us to progress directly to casting.

The next stage was to select the stones. We went back and forth over how to lay out the diamonds, and which diamond shape would compliment the ring the best. After many discussions with our client, we decided that princess cut stones would look the best and provide the most sparkle for this custom wedding ring.

One we had ensured the stones were beautifully colour matched and proportional to the diamonds on her engagement ring, we set about determining their placement. Without custom shaped diamonds, we would not be able to match the "no metal" look of the engagement ring and we wouldn't be able to fit the stones perfectly into the cut off corners of the wedding band. Instead, we decided to do a simple central line of diamonds.


custom wedding ring on ring stick


Not only did this allow for the stones to fit nicely into the ring, but it also avoided from detracting attention from the impressive stones in the engagement ring.

The final stage was to clean and polish the ring to perfection. We always ensure that every custom wedding ring we create leaves our workshop in pristine quality.

The Final Result

After many weeks of discussions, revisions, and hard work we finally had the finished ring in our hands and ready for the wedding!

custom wedding ring

The band beautifully compliments the gorgeous engagement ring, and looks seamless when worn beside it. We absolutely love how this turned out and would love to create more rings just like this!

If you have a unique engagement ring and are struggling to find a wedding band to suit, why not contact us for your own custom wedding ring? Have a chat with our bespoke jeweller today - the consultation and design are free!