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Jay’s Mark One Dalek Ring

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Jay had never really worn jewellery before, and so when it came to choosing his wedding ring, which he would be wearing for the rest of his life, he knew he wanted something that reflected his personality.

Jay is a lifelong 'Doctor Who' fan, so he decided to take some inspiration from here. During his initial brainstorming process he considered designs that incorporated the Tardis Console, The Seal of Rassilon and Cyberman icons (all things that I'm sure Doctor Who fans know about). Eventually Jay settled on an idea that incorporated the neck ring of a mark one Dalek.

Jay sent our bespoke team a collection of images that had inspired him and some sketches of how he visualised the ring to be.

Our bespoke team then got to work turning his sketches into a design for a wedding ring. They produced a series of 3D photo-realistic, CAD drawings (Computer Aided Design) which demonstrated how the final ring would look. Once Jay had approved the final drawings we got to work making the ring.

Jay's ring was made using Rapid Prototyping, which is state of the art technology which has helped to revolutionise jewellery design and manufacture. Rapid Prototyping is the process where CAD drawings are bought into physical reality using 3D printing. A resin model of Jay's ring was produced using this technology which a mould was then made from.

The ring was then cast in Palladium 950 and finished with a sandblast effect. Sandblast is a matte finish that is applied to jewellery using a jet of compressed air and sand. The grooves of the ring were left with the sandblast finish whilst the raised surfaces of the ring were polished to a mirror finish. Having the two contrasting finishes worked really well in complimenting the unique design.

When Jay received the ring he absolutely loved it. But the design was missing one slight detail and of course he wanted it to be 100% perfect. Jay returned the ring and we adjusted the ring slightly to his specifications and had the ring back with him in no time.


“...they were able to sort it right out and it arrived back the day before I was due to fly off for the wedding. It's brilliant, the designers did an excellent job of getting the design from my head to a real ring. It's super geeky but not so obviously geeky that you can't pretend it's just a normal ring.”