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Engraved Wedding Rings: The Comprehensive Guide

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If you would like to add a personal touch to your exchange of rings then you may want to consider engraved wedding rings. There are so many options for engravings from ornate patterns to fingerprints to personalised messages. The only real limit is your imagination! Read on for a breakdown of the different methods of engraving available, their costs and the pros and cons of each style.

Machine Engraving

Machine engraving is done using a precise diamond tipped cutter. The affect is extremely accurate and clean, whilst also being shallow enough to be buffed out at a later date if the message needs changing. This style of engraving is available in text only, and only on the interior of rings.

We offer three fonts for our machine engraved wedding rings: Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Script.

engraved wedding rings

Script is a more classic, flowing font similar to handwriting. For a cleaner, more modern look, choose between classic Roman or graphic designers' favourite Helvetica.

Due to the mechanics of the machine, machine engraving is not available on Tungsten Carbide rings or rings of 8mm width and above.

Choose machine engraving if you are looking for a high quality, simple engraving without long term commitment. If you may need future resizes, or the details of your engraving are likely to change (such as wedding dates) then machine engraving is the right choice for you.

How Much Does it Cost?

Machine engraving is £24 per ring.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is applied using a state of the art laser engraving machine. It can engrave any material. Not only is it much deeper and more defined than machine engraving, but it can also achieve much finer lines and more detail. It appears much darker than other engraving methods, particularly on Titanium and Tungsten. This style of engraving is available on both the inside and outside of your ring. As a standard we offer four fonts with laser which are Times New Roman, Script, Helvetica, and Ancient Runes.

laser engraved wedding rings

However, many more fonts are available upon request, such as Elvish or alternative languages.

laser engraved wedding rings
Solid gold wedding rings with bespoke laser engraving in Elvish

In theory, this method of engraving can engrave almost anything onto your ring. This is providing the image is not too detailed and cluttered for the small space on your ring.

bespoke laser engraved wedding rings
Bespoke his and hers Pikachu laser engraving

Contact our customer service team to discuss potential laser engraved designs with our skilled technician to learn more about what is possible.

laser engraved wedding rings
Bespoke laser engraving on Titanium. The heat from the laser causes controlled colour changes on the surface of some metals.

How Much Does it Cost?

Laser engraving is £48 per ring for standard text. Bespoke designs start from £65 and can range in price depending on their complexity.

Hand Engraved Wedding Rings

Hand engraving is the most traditional method for decorating wedding rings. It is an extremely specialised and traditional skill which dates back hundreds of years. Using a variety of specialist tools, our expert hand engraver is able to carve out words and patterns into your ring with incredible intricacy.

hand engraved wedding rings
Hand engraved wedding ring with orange blossom design

Hand engraved patterns such as scroll and leaf or forget me knots have a lovely 3D effect. This is why this method is usually used to apply decorative finishes to the outside of rings. You can shop our range of hand engraved rings here

hand engraved wedding rings
Hand engraved wedding ring with scroll and leaf design

For interior engagement ring engraving, we often recommend hand engraving. This is to ensure a good finish and no risk of damage to your diamonds. Hand engraved messages are available in Script or Times New Roman font.

brilliant cut hand engraved engagement ring
Brilliant cut engagement ring with hand engraved shoulders

How Much Does it Cost?

Hand engraving starts at £36 per ring for simple text. Bespoke patterns are priced on request. Prices will vary depending on the width of the ring and complexity of the pattern required.