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24 Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

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Your wedding ring is probably the most personal piece of jewellery you will ever own. A symbol of your love and commitment, the wedding ring is a timeless way to tell the world that you are in love. If the classic symbolism isn't enough for you, then wedding ring engraving is the perfect way to add a touch of personal romance to your ring.

Engraving wedding bands has been an established practice since the middle ages. It is always so beautiful picking up a piece of antique jewellery and finding an ancient inscription inside. In a way it feels like it has given some extra lasting power to the love it represents.

Whether it's your initials, the date of your wedding, or the coordinates of where you first met, the right wedding ring engraving can take your rings to the next level. You can even go for personal quotes or phrases that will only hold meaning to you. Thanks to laser engraving, it is possible to have almost anything engraved in your wedding rings! If you are stuck for ideas of what to write, then we have come up with some inspiration starting points to get your creative juices flowing.


Classic Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

  1. Your initials
  2. Your names in each other's ring
  3. The wedding date, or indeed the date you met
  4. The coordinates of your first meeting place or your wedding venue
  5. "Forever", "Til death do us part", or "Infinity"
  6. Your nicknames for each other
  7. An infinity symbol, or heart symbol
  8. "Happily ever after"


Bespoke laser engraving

Silly Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

  1. An inside joke
  2. A cheeky nickname
  3. "cheese" and "biscuits" or another dynamic duo that you relate to
  4. "non-returnable"
  5. "If lost return to (your name)"
  6. "If you can read this tell my husband/wife to put his/her ring back on""
  7. "ball" and "chain"
  8. "You're stuck with me now"


laser engraved wedding rings
Solid gold wedding rings with bespoke laser engraving in Elvish

Romantic Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

  1. A romantic lyric from your favourite song
  2. "To the moon..." and "...and back"
  3. A quote from your favourite book or poem
  4. A quote from your wedding vows
  5. "I promise....." followed by a short heartfelt promise
  6. "I choose you"
  7. "I love you" in your partner's first language
  8. "Ever mine, ever thine, ever ours"


bespoke laser engraved wedding rings
Bespoke his and hers Pikachu laser engraving

Due to the small size of wedding rings you usually need to keep your engraving message under a certain number of characters. We cap ours at 24 but there is some wiggle room if we opt for a smaller font, or if you have a larger finger size.

engraved wedding rings
Examples of machine engraving

Different methods of engraving offer different options for what is possible. For example, machine engraving is limited to the Qwerty keyboard with some possibilities for characters with accents etc. Laser engraving however is much more precise and has a broader range of potential. With the laser you can have images such as chess pieces, crowns, or something personal which relates to your shared hobbies and interests.

laser engraved wedding rings
Examples of laser engraving

If you have a specific wedding ring engraving in mind, please get in touch with our dedicated customer service team for some advice on what is possible.