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How to Care For Your Wooden Inlay Ring

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A wedding ring is for life, and much like a marriage, it will require some maintenance to keep it at its best for the duration. If you have, or are considering purchasing, a wooden inlay ring, you may have wondered how the wood will stand up to daily wear. These rings can show wear and tear in very different ways to other jewellery. Whilst most of us have worn some kind of jewellery in the past and are familiar with how to look after it, most people have never had to even think about how wood should be looked after to withstand every day life.

Every wooden inlay ring that we stock is made from reclaimed wood inlayed into recycled precious metals or titanium.

We have sold these rings for a number of years now. They remain popular with our customers for dress rings as well as wedding rings. While most of our rings are made in our Brighton workshop, every wooden inlay ring on our site is handmade in Cornwall. The jeweller who designs and makes these rings is one of our favourites to work with. He is a true artist and really cares about the quality of his work. He is also a keen surfer, and has worn one of his own designs for years, in and out of the water! This was proof enough for us that the inlays would be able to cope with getting wet from everyday activities.


wooden inlay ring
Flat wooden inlay ring with Yew

What to Do for Your Wooden Inlay Ring:

The key to keeping your wooden inlay ring soft is to rub it with any natural oil. Many people find the oils on the surrounding fingers are sufficient. Rather than taking the ring off when wet, it's better to let it dry on the hand. this way the natural oils from your skin can soak in.

If the wood ever appears to be drying out, it can help to rub linseed or olive oil into it. The best way to tell if this is necessary is to examine the wood. If it appears silvery or visibly dry, then it needs oil. You only need to add one or two drops of oil to your ring. Any more than this could over saturate the wood.


wooden inlay ring oak
Flat-court wooden inlay ring with Oak

What Not to Do for Your Wooden Inlay Ring:

The most important piece of advice for preserving your wooden inlay ring is to wear it. Contrary to what you might think, this will keep it in the best shape possible. In fact, leaving your ring in a box for months will allow the wood to dry out. This can put the inlay at risk of cracking. Indeed, if you leave your ring in the box for too long it can crack in the box!

A wooden inlay ring is a beautiful choice for a wedding band because the character of your selected wood will endure and change with you over time. What a beautiful metaphor for marriage! You can purchase wood inlay rings in a variety of precious metals, and titanium. There are also eleven different types of wood to choose from, so you can really make it your own.