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How To Care For Your Wedding and Engagement Rings

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For a love that lasts a lifetime, your rings certainly need to do the same. This is totally possible with the right amount of TLC. Here are our top tips for maintaining your wedding and engagement rings so they always shine just as brightly as the day you said I do.

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Clean Carefully

Think about it: your hands are your most used body part, so it's no wonder that wedding and engagement rings are prime targets to collect daily grime. It is so important to give them a regular cleaning; not just to keep them shiny, but to prevent dirt from compromising the stone settings and causing future damage.

The easiest way to clean your jewels is with warm soapy water and a soft bristled toothbrush.

Soak your rings for approximately half an hour in a medium sized bowl with a little dish soap and lukewarm water.

Next, gently brush away dirt and grime with the toothbrush. Be careful not to brush too vigorously as this can dislodge stones.

Finally, gently rinse your rings under cold water. I recommend using a fine sieve to do this to avoid any risk of your jewels falling down the drain!

Gently pat dry or leave your rings to air dry on a muslin cloth, and they are ready to wear.

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Store Correctly

Air, sunlight, and even your other jewellery can cause damage to your jewellery when you are not wearing it, so it is imperative to keep it stored correctly.

Precious metals oxidise, so keeping them in airtight containers is a great way to stave of this process.

Diamonds are extremely hard and can scratch almost any other surface! Diamond jewellery should be kept individually wrapped in soft pouches or boxes.

Some gem stones such as coral, opals, and pearls need to breathe so benefit from being kept separately wrapped in breathable cloth.

Remember, storing your jewels correctly is just as important as cleaning them!

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Take Them Off!

Even comparatively hard precious metals such as platinum are nowhere near as hard as stainless steel which is the primary material for door handles, stair rails, cutlery etc. This means that daily life and activities can be extremely hard on your rings. While scratching is normal and inevitable, it is also manageable with care.

After the wedding, engagement rings can be saved for evening wear. Wedding rings are more durable and less prone to damage.

Although it is tempting to wear them all the time, taking them off for vigorous activities and in places like airports will help your rings to last a lifetime.

It is also worth remembering that chlorine in pools and saltwater can be very damaging to metals, so avoiding wearing your rings on holiday at the beach is recommended.

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Avoid Creams, Sanitiser, Lotions & Perfumes

Hand cream, sanitiser, soap and other products can accumulate in the collet of your ring as well as between prongs. This can cause severe damage. This also dulls the shine of your jewellery very quickly!

Taking your rings off to apply products helps to prevent this. It also prevents the build up of skin particles that can happen if you apply products with your rings on. This method is much more sanitary in the long run.

Get Your Rings Checked

We recommend to come in around twice a year to have your wedding and engagement rings checked. This means that we can spot a stone loosening before it is lost, saving a lot of heart ache and expense.

This is also a great opportunity to have your rings professionally cleaned which can extend their life and keep them looking gorgeous.

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Insurance Is Vital

No matter how well made a piece of jewellery is, it is still important to keep it insured if you plan to wear it every day. This can usually be added to your home or property insurance.

Having this extra reassurance and cover if anything were to happen to your jewels is vital and can help you enjoy wearing them even more.

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If you follow these steps then your jewellery should stay shiny and bright for as long as you wear it! If you are unsure if your piece needs special care and attention then check in with your jeweller for their recommended care instructions.