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Wedding Rings: How to get them at the very last minute

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Last Minute Wedding Rings

We get it: with all the bits you need to do for your wedding,  the world changing every 5 minutes, and the general messiness of life, your mind might not have been on rings lately! Wedding rings may not always be your first thought when planning your wedding. But, rings are probably the only thing from your wedding day that you will continue to use after the day.

If you’ve forgotten to sort the rings or been let down by your chosen supplier, there is no need to panic. With our express manufacture and clearance ring options, it is possible to get a last minute ring!

To ensure you get it right the first time, why not have a wedding ring sample delivered to your door. This will help you avoid costly and time consuming resizes.

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What are my options for last minute wedding rings?

There are two avenues to go down for buying last minute wedding rings.

Option one is more risky. This option requires you to do some work and check our clearance section for rings in stock. You will need to cross your fingers that a ring you like is available in your size, as we do not offer resizing on clearance rings.

That brings us to option two. This option is to make use of our express manufacture. Plain wedding bands made from metals like Titanium, Platinum, Gold or Silver are all possible to manufacture and deliver quickly, ranging from 2-day to 4-day express options.

To select express delivery you must choose one of the express options on the ring specifications page. These are located in a green box as pictured below, which sits below the "Add to Basket" button. (The estimated delivery date is an estimation of when your ring will be completed without the express options.)

Simply take your pick between two and four day express manufacture. Remember that only business days are included when calculating which option to choose.

Do bear in mind that express manufacture is not available for every style of ring. This is due to the differing manufacture methods for every ring, but also can vary due to the availability of materials.

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Do you need a wedding ring to get married?

You may be surprised to hear that there is no requirement for you to have actual wedding rings at your wedding. In fact, they haven't always been the popular choice for British couples. Rings as a symbol of matrimonial commitment were first seen in Ancient Egypt and didn't make their way into the traditional English wedding until the middle ages.

However, the symbolism of a wedding band is eternally appealing. The cyclical shape of the unending circle symbolises eternal love, while the precious metal indicates that your love is precious and valued.

Wedding bands are a symbol of fidelity and show to others that you are in a committed relationship. If the tradition is important to you, it might be time to look at where to buy last minute wedding rings.

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