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A Guide to Men's Wedding Rings

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We are often asked for our recommendations for men's wedding rings. When choosing a ring for yourself or your male partner, it is important to take into account what style you or they like. You must also consider how much jewellery the wearer usually wears. A lot of men want to opt for a thick, wide ring but change their minds once they have worn it for a little while. If you never wear anything on your hands, you may want to practice wearing a sample ring for a little while to get used to the sensation.

Wedding rings are really a unisex accessory. Regardless of that, some are designed to be more masculine and others are more feminine. Men's wedding rings come in a huge variety of styles. Read on for our curated selection of wedding bands specifically designed with men in mind.

Wooden Inlay Rings

We have a huge range of inlay rings. Rings with inlays are often preferable to our male customers compared to the standard precious metal band. This is even more common with those with an interest in carpentry or nature. Available in a variety of widths, you can choose the wood that your ring is inlaid with. The options range from Yew to Oak to Ebony, allowing you to customise the ring to your taste.

men's wedding rings wooden inlay
Wide ring with wooden inlay

We love the fantasy vibes the wooden inlay rings give off. They are great for fans of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings.

Steel Rings

Stainless steel is a generic term for over 150 grades of steel used for a whole host of different purposes. It is corrosion resistant and hypoallergenic, making it ideal for someone who works with their hands.

Men's wedding rings made from steel are available in so many styles. They are even available with additions of gold, ceramic and titanium. Many styles are available with the addition of brilliant cut diamonds.

steel men's wedding rings black plating
Steel ring with black IP plating

Steel is a relatively inexpensive alloy, so many people choose a steel ring as a second wedding ring intended for daily wear. It is great to wear at work or on holiday.

Titanium Rings

Much like steel, Titanium is an unreactive and corrosion resistant material. It is also extremely strong, while having a very low density. Titanium is popular for men's wedding rings because it is lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

men's wedding rings titanium square
Contemporary square titanium ring

Titanium rings are available in hundreds of styles, ranging from classic bands to contemporary designs like the square ring pictured above. Like steel, titanium is relatively inexpensive so you can really play around with the style you like. If you would like more information about titanium we have a more comprehensive guide available here.

Tungsten Carbide Rings

Blue and black men's wedding rings tungsten ring
Black tungsten ring with blue accents

Tungsten carbide is a chemical compound formed of tungsten and carbon atoms. It is twice as stiff and twice as dense as steel, making it the hardest material we make rings out of. It is actually as hard as sapphire! Tungsten carbide is extremely durable and scratch resistant. It can be made in silver or black and is available with other colour accents such as blue or gold.

Tungsten is a great material for men's wedding rings, particularly for those who work with their hands. Do bear in mind that while the material is scratch, corrosion, and heat resistant, it can shatter so is best to stay away from impacts.

Bespoke Men's Wedding Rings

If there is nothing in this list so far that captures your attention, then why not consider a bespoke wedding ring.

bespoke men's wedding rings close up
Bespoke men's ring

These rings were designed by a same sex couple for their wedding. They wanted a mixture of metals and precious stones, and had a clear idea of how the stones should sit in relation to the band.

Bespoke men's ring (image taken after ring had been worn for some time)

We absolutely love how these rings look and think they are an amazing contemporary design.

bespoke couples rings
Corresponding bespoke rings made for a couple

These rings were designed for a mixed gender couple who wanted rings that corresponded with each other, while not matching perfectly. To achieve this we added diamonds to the bride's ring and kept the gold sections on the groom's ring plain. The design is really striking, modern, and unique.