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Platinum - Wedding Rings Buyer's Guide

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Platinum wedding bands have been a popular choice for decades due to the durability and luminescent beauty of the metal. As one of the purest alloys, platinum is ideal for those with metal allergies. It does not need plating and is very resistant to damage, making it an ideal choice for daily wear. Currently the price of platinum is extremely competitive, making this the perfect time to invest in the alloy.

platinum ring with central milgrain
Platinum ring with central milgrain.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is a noble metal which is remarkably resistant to corrosion, even at high temperatures. The alloy occurs in its pure state naturally. Only a few hundred tonnes of platinum are produced annually, making it an extremely precious metal!

Platinum was in use as early as 1200 BC . Combined with gold it adorned the tombs of ancient Egyptians. It was also popular in use in ancient Columbia for the production of various artefacts. Europeans discovered platinum in 1557. However, the difficulty in smelting the metal resulted in it mostly being considered an impurity in gold and thrown away. It wasn't until 1772 that Europeans had success in smelting platinum.

Platinum has many applications. Aside from platinum wedding bands, the metal is common in automobile manufacture as well as chemical production, electrical goods and even some medicines. It is a strong investment during times of economic instability as during those times its value drops to below that of gold. During times of economic stability its value usually reaches double the price of gold.

Platinum ring with tension set baguette diamond
Platinum ring with tension set baguette diamond.

Pros of Platinum Wedding Bands

You may choose platinum for your wedding ring for a number of reasons. Unlike other white metals such as silver and white gold, platinum requires very little maintenance. Platinum wedding bands do not require rhodium plating and they will not oxidise quickly. Platinum used in jewellery is extremely pure and inert, so it will not trigger metal allergies even in the most sensitive people.

Another pro of platinum wedding bands is their strength. The alloy is very hard and has good metal memory. Scratches in platinum only displace metal instead of removing it.

Engagement rings are often made from platinum, or at least have platinum prongs. If your engagement ring is platinum, or has platinum elements then platinum wedding bands are advised in order that your wedding rings do not damage each other.

Modern platinum eternity style ring with round brilliant diamonds
Modern platinum eternity style ring with round brilliant diamonds.

How to Care for a Platinum Ring

Despite being very durable and non-corrosive, platinum wedding bands still require some care. Platinum is harder than gold or silver but it will still scratch. This is because when platinum comes into contact with harder objects like stainless steel handrails and doorknobs, these objects will scratch it.

Scratches and dents on your wedding ring are unavoidable. This is the case no matter what material it is made from. Over time these form a nice patina that shows the history of your wedding ring and the journey you have been on while wearing it. If this patina bothers you, it can be polished out by your jeweller. For this you will need to return your ring for annual maintenance.

Platinum is not corrosive. However, it can be damaged by substances like chlorine. Therefore it is not recommended to take platinum wedding bands into a swimming pool. Avoid wearing your ring while using strong chemicals such as bleach to preserve the integrity of the metal.

Keep your platinum ring separate from your other jewellery when not in use, as it can scratch other metals. Diamonds can scratch platinum, so it is best to keep it individually wrapped.

The best way to clean platinum is to use a gentle jewellery cleaner made specifically for platinum. Otherwise just use some mild soap and warm water. Gently scrub the ring with your fingers and dry with a lint-free cloth. You can also use a soft bristled toothbrush to remove any build up on the surface.

Vintage style emerald cut platinum engagement ring
Vintage style emerald cut platinum engagement ring.