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What Are Commitment Rings?

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Ex-Bachelor contestants Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes made headlines in 2021 by sharing their "commitment rings" shortly after Dean was quoted saying he did not believe in marriage. Many viewers wondered what commitment rings are, what their significance is, and what makes them different from an engagement ring.

commitment rings
Eternity style ring with brilliant cut diamonds.

The concept of commitment rings is really a broad one. It encompasses everything from promise rings to wedding rings. Really, any ring given to a partner as a signifier of a relationship is in essence a commitment ring. However, the term has come to take on a new meaning. Now, couples who do not plan to marry have begun to mark their intentions of long term relationships with rings. These are known as Commitment Rings and now hold their own category.


What is a Commitment Ring?

A commitment ring, as its names suggests, is a physical symbol which means that you want to commit to another person. This could either be given on a momentous event such as an anniversary to celebrate your commitment to one another, or it could be given to signify an eternal commitment to your partner. In the case of the latter, many couples choose to both wear commitment rings. These are worn on the wedding ring finger.

The interweaving knots of this Celtic design signify eternal love, making this design perfect for a commitment ring

Whether the exchange of commitment rings is accompanied by a commitment ceremony is up to you. This can be as formal or as informal as you choose; as long as you and your partner have designated the rings as commitment rings, that is what they are.

The ring itself could be as ornate and precious as an engagement ring, or a much simpler design. This part is really up to you. The most important aspect of the ring is the promise you are making when you  give it.

Who Can Wear Commitment Rings?

Anybody can wear commitment rings as long as the following are true: You are committed to your partner; they are committed to you; you have both agreed to wear commitment rings as a symbol of your lifelong commitment.

commitment rings
Combining two metals in your commitment ring can be a nice way to symbolise your union. This ring combines 18k yellow and white gold.

Commitment rings are a fantastic choice for people who are not keen on the idea of marriage. This could be for religious, political or personal reasons. Simply not believing in marriage does not mean you do not want to commit to your life partner. Exchanging rings is a romantic way to express your love without going down a legally binding route.

Do bear in mind, that if you are looking to give your partner a ring with the view to get engaged and married later then this is a promise ring and not a commitment ring.


Why Choose a Commitment Ring?

Commitment rings are a beautiful expression of your eternal love for your partner. It is romantic to eschew the traditional avenues of marriage and forge your own path with your partner. Choosing your own method of celebrating your love will be exciting, particularly if you prefer to stray off the beaten path.

commitment rings
Why not have the skyline of the city where you met laser engraved into the outside of your rings? There are so many sentimental options available with laser engraving.

Another benefit of committing this way is that it may alleviate parental or familial pressure to tie the knot! This is somewhat less romantic, but worth considering if this is really bothering you. Wearing rings on your wedding finger will also show the world you are in a relationship, and prevent any awkward situations with potential suitors.