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Our Bespoke Ring Customers

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While we pride ourselves on having one of the largest ranges of rings available online, we know that sometimes you want to put your own spin on your wedding or engagement ring. In these situations, why not get in touch with our bespoke jeweller to discuss creating the bespoke ring of your dreams!

We absolutely love helping brides and grooms design their perfect engagement and wedding rings using our Bespoke Service. Bespoke items are jewellery pieces made specifically to your design requirements. Below are some of the bespoke rings we've made;

Vintage Frame Bespoke Ring

bespoke ring


This lovely customer wanted to frame their pretty vintage style engagement ring. As the cluster setting was quite large we needed to take some of the material away from the edge of the wedding band to make for a snug fit. The customer was keen to keep the vintage feel going. To achieve this, small diamonds were grain set along the edge to echo those along the engagement ring. This gave a really nice contrast and framed the ring perfectly.


Bi Colour Bespoke Ring

bespoke ring


This ring presented a challenge to the owner of the engagement ring because of the bi colour metals. They had trouble in finding a ring to match perfectly. We were able to line up the two contrasting coloured metals perfectly and set diamonds along the white portion of the ring. We then pave set the diamonds in a zig zag pattern. This made the white gold look diamond encrusted and gave the illusion of more diamonds than there actually was, a clever jewellery trick!


His and His Wedding Bands

bespoke ring


Since this fabulous customer had already sourced their diamonds elsewhere , all that was required from us was to set them into deep wedding bands. The rings were designed to give the impression of a tension setting. However, underneath there is plenty of strength in the bands to make them last for ever. The customer wanted to see what the rings would look like before we made them. Therefore, we provided them with a resin master made from Computer Aided Design (CAD) files. We then used this to cast in which ever metal the customer chose. The rings were cast in 9ct rose gold to contrast with the diamonds, and because this couple wanted a really pink colour for their rings.


Diamond Framing Eternity Ring

bespoke ring


Often customers find that they can’t find a wedding ring that fits perfectly next to their engagement ring. Usually this is because the diamond setting may obstruct it. This bride-to-be wanted the look of an eternity ring and wedding band to be combined. So, we channel set a row of brilliant cut diamonds, off centre, to allow enough room for an additional shaped edge to make for a perfect fit, and a balanced look.  We wanted to ensure that the trilogy diamonds in the engagement ring don’t over shadow the wedding ring.

Diamond Trilogy Ring

bespoke ring


This beautiful trilogy ring has a 0.80ct brilliant cut diamond as a centre stone. It is surrounded by 2 x 0.45ct diamonds making a total weight of 1.7 carats. It also has a tapered shank that narrows towards the outer diamonds. As a result of this, the ring gives the illusion that the stones are even larger. The customer did return for a brilliant cut diamond half eternity wedding band to match.

If you have an idea you'd like to discuss, old jewellery you'd like to modernise or a family stone to use in your forever ring, please contact us! Use our email address [email protected] or fill out our form via this link and we'll be happy to help.

The consultation and design stage is FREE of charge. Once we have an outline of the design, we can then supply you with a cost estimate.