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How To Make Your Wedding Ring Unique

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Choosing your wedding ring can feel daunting. It's the most special piece of jewellery to represent your relationship, and the longevity of your love. You will also be wearing it every day for the rest of your life, so it needs to be a piece of jewellery that you are excited to wear. While a wedding ring is an ancient symbol of marital tradition, in modern times not every person wants to wear something that is visually traditional - and that's okay! The meaning of your wedding ring is determined by what it means to you, and not how closely it aligns with a certain aesthetic. Making your wedding ring unique will look different for everyone. Here is a round up of some options that our clients enjoy, from the more traditional to the totally unique.

Celebrate Your Unique Interests

What makes your love unique? What makes you, you? We are so lucky to have had so many wonderful clients who love to share their stories with us during the process of making their unique wedding rings.

Unique wedding ring with lord of the rings inspired laser engraving
A gorgeous fandom inspired wedding band

Thanks to our state of the art laser engraving machine, we can make your dreams into reality by transforming art into crisp, high quality engraving that is deep enough to stand the test of time. For couples at WRD, this has meant anything from a celebration of the fandom that brought them together, to an homage to a beloved pet.

Unique wedding band laser engraved with nature scene and family dog
A unique wedding band featuring bespoke laser engraving

Put Your Stamp On It

In the past, couples exchanged rings that had a little more significance than being just a symbol of their love for their partner. In Celtic times, couples married with bands made from locks of each other's hair that were braided into wedding rings. This use of hair in wedding bands was also common in the Victorian era, when hair jewellery was also commonly produced to commemorate the passing of a loved one.

Nowadays, couples have more options to choose from to adorn their wedding rings that are a little less unsavoury. You can echo the sentiment of hair jewellery by opting for a wedding ring that has been engraved with your partner's fingerprint.

Fingerprint wedding ring
Wedding band with fingerprint engraving

We love this updated interpretation, which allows you to have a totally unique wedding band as no two fingerprints are the same. You can even get creative with how the fingerprints appear on your ring, and make the design completely your own.

Unique pair of laser engraved wedding rings with fingerprints engraved in heart shape
Bespoke wedding bands featuring fingerprints in the shape of a heart

Put a Twist on the Traditional

There are so many possibilities when it comes to making your wedding ring unique. Our ethos as a company is to make sure that our clients have as much control as possible over their wedding ring. This means offering as much customisation as possible; from a huge range of ring profiles, widths, and depths; to an extensive offering of materials.

Easily make your wedding ring uniquely yours with our customisation options

If you prefer plain design, but want to put your own stamp on your ring, then you could consider an unconventional material. Metals like titanium, tungsten, and zirconium have become increasingly popular for wedding rings due to their unique properties. Titanium and zirconium are lightweight and nonreactive, while boasting a beautiful dark greyish silver colour in their natural states. This is a great choice if the bright silver of platinum, palladium, and white gold is too vibrant for your taste.

Zirconium can also be heat treated to form a black oxide coating. This is known as black zirconium. Black zirconium is one of the only options for a durable black wedding band, and works wonderfully for daily wear.

unique men's wedding rings
This black zirconium and rose gold wedding ring combines the best of tradition and modernity

Tungsten carbide is a fascinating material that is used in industry from lining nuclear reactors to forming parts of aeroplanes and space craft. It's completely scratch proof, and won't react with water or chemicals very easily. Since tungsten is made into jewellery by compressing it into moulds, tungsten rings are available in some really unique styles.

Tungsten carbide wedding band with rose gold IP plating
Tungsten ring with rose gold IP plating

Choose a Bespoke Design

If you know that you want a unique wedding ring, but don't know where to start, that is totally fine too! Our in-house bespoke jeweller is always on hand to provide you with pressure free advice, and a no obligation, free quote for your bespoke ideas.

Contact our bespoke team now, and start your unique wedding ring journey today.