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Titanium Wedding Bands: Frequently Asked Questions

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Titanium wedding bands have been steadily increasing in popularity. We love Titanium, because it is affordable, long-lasting, and comfortable to wear. Whether you want a wedding band that can join you on every adventure, or a back-up wedding ring to wear only when you get your hands dirty, a titanium ring is a fantastic option.

Gone are the days when your choice of Titanium rings would be a plain band vs a plain, matte band. Our craftsmen have created Titanium styles studded with diamonds, or refined with influences from traditional jewellery like chamfered edges and unique engraving. They have even harnessed Gold and Platinum to create mixed metal rings. These designs combine the strength of Titanium with the beauty and prestige of precious metal.

Titanium wedding bands with gold
Diamond set Gold and Titanium wedding band

Choosing your wedding band can feel overwhelming. If you're still deciding, we have rounded up our most frequently asked questions all about Titanium.


Is Titanium a good choice for a wedding band?

Titanium is a great choice for a wedding band. It is both lightweight and durable, making it exceptionally comfortable for daily wear. As Titanium is nonreactive, it can withstand everything that your hands can. This means you don't need to worry too much about when and where you wear it. We recommend Titanium wedding bands for our active clients, or people who work in hands-on environments such as doctors or farmers all the time.

titanium wedding bands
Matte and polished Titanium wedding ring

Why are Titanium rings so cheap?

Titanium wedding bands are less expensive than precious metal rings, because Titanium is not a rare or expensive material. The main factor that determines the price of Titanium jewellery is the skill and specialist equipment needed to make it. Since Titanium is such a strong material, it's not so easy to form into jewellery, bend, or resize.

titanium wedding bands
Titanium wedding band with customisable Roman numerals

How long do Titanium wedding bands last?

If taken care of correctly, your Titanium wedding band will last you a lifetime. Titanium is used day-to-day in the production of aircraft, naval ships, spacecraft, and missiles. There's nothing that you can withstand, that a Titanium ring can't!

The metal will not tarnish, nor will it react with air or water. As with any metal, your ring will incur scratches from daily wear. Any scratches can be removed by a jeweller by polishing on a jewellers mop. Aside from this, your ring will be very low maintenance and can be cared for easily at home. To maintain a polished shine, you can wash your ring with mild soap and buff dry with a soft cloth.

titanium wedding bands
Titanium can be anodised to different colours, like this vibrant blue

Can I shower in my Titanium ring?

Titanium is nonreactive, so interacting with water is no problem. This is really convenient if you want to wear your wedding band to the gym, or to the pool, and don't want to risk losing it by taking it off.

If you do choose to wear your wedding ring in the shower, you can use the opportunity to keep it nice and clean. However, please take care to move it around on your finger. This will ensure that soap and other substances do not get caught in between the band and your skin, which can cause irritation.

titanium wedding bands
Claddagh inspired Titanium wedding ring

What are the disadvantages of Titanium jewellery?

Jewellery is so personal. Everybody will have different priorities when it comes to their wedding ring. You may find advantages or disadvantages in any choice of material. Some people find Titanium wedding rings too lightweight, and prefer a heavier feeling band. Others prefer a more true silver tone in their jewellery, while Titanium has a gunmetal grey colour.

Titanium is tricky to resize or amend once it has been crafted. For this reason, it is really important to be confident in your ring size before placing an order.

Due to the density of the metal, Titanium rings can be tricky to remove in an emergency. While precious metal rings will bend upon impact, your Titanium band will not. This means that in extreme cases of injury a Titanium band may need to be cut off your finger. We hope that you can avoid this very unlikely scenario, but it's always best to be prepared.

titanium wedding bands
Our best selling 5mm Court in Titanium

Which is better between Titanium and Tungsten?

Many of our clients find themselves choosing between Titanium and Tungsten Carbide for their wedding bands. The two materials are very different, so it really comes down to your personal priorities.

Titanium and Tungsten are both hypoallergenic, nonreactive, and inexpensive. All three of these factors make them extremely popular choices for wedding bands.

Titanium is not scratch resistant. Your ring will incur scratches when it comes into contact with everyday objects such as door handles or stair rails. Tungsten Carbide is scratch proof. A Tungsten ring will never need to be polished.

Tungsten Carbide is extremely heavy and dense, while Titanium is lightweight and strong. Thanks to its density, Tungsten Carbide can shatter on impact. This means that if you drop your Tungsten wedding band it could break. Titanium will not shatter. It is also dent resistant, so can be dropped without causing extreme damage.