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Whether a new design, matching ring shapes, or smaller alterations. Tailor your perfect ring with Wedding Rings Direct.

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Create your dream ring with our in-house bespoke jeweller. We will take your ideas, reference images and requirements and design a fully unique piece just for you! The consultation process for a bespoke ring is free of charge and does not require an in-person appointment..



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Custom designed jewellery for over 30 years

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Designed from scratch

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Your dream ring design can begin with an image, a drawing or just an idea. Send us some inspiration images or any items from our website to use as a starting point and our bespoke team will do the rest!

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Shaped to Fit

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If you cannot find a shaped ring to suit your engagement ring in our large range of shaped to fit rings, go bespoke and we will build a wedding ring around your engagement ring for the perfect fit. This service will require us to have your engagement ring in our workshop to use as a guide during the process.

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Laser Engraved

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Choose state of the art laser engraving to transfer any design onto your wedding rings. Fingerprints, skylines, soundwaves, and many more options are available to you: the only limit is your imagination.

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The ring WRD custom made for me is simply stunning, I just love it. Couldnt have got this off the shelf and the price was incredible value.



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The consultation and design stage is FREE of charge.


We will need an idea of metal type, size, images and extra design details. If you can please upload an image of your engagement ring so we can try and match the shape.


WRD & You

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Get inspired by the stories behind our real customers’ bespoke designs.


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What counts as a bespoke item?
Bespoke items are jewellery pieces made specifically to your design requirement and that cannot be found on our website. They can also be items from our website that have been changed from their original design especially for you. Please note that we sometimes refer to engraved items as bespoke, as they are personalised for you, but these can be ordered directly online.
How long does it take?
This will depend on the time required to get the design right and approved by you, how quick you are on replying to emails as well as how busy our design workshop is at the time. It usually takes at least 4 weeks from final design approval and payment to delivery.
How much does it cost?
The consultation and design stage is FREE of charge. Once we have an outline of the design, we can supply you with a cost estimate. The final cost will depend on the materials needed, i.e. the cost of the precious metals and/or diamonds, plus the workshop costs. As with all our products, we want you to have your perfect ring at the best price possible! On a case by case basis we may be able to get your bespoke ring to you quicker than 4 weeks, however this would need to be discussed with our bespoke jeweller.
Are bespoke items returnable?
As this ring would not be a standard ring that is available on the site, it would be considered a bespoke item and therefore non-returnable.