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Bespoke Services


Designed From Scratch

We can work with images drawings or just an idea. We will ask you to find an image of a similar item on the website/elsewhere or inspirational images to use as a starting point.


Shaped To Fit

This service can shape almost any wedding ring to fit perfectly next to your engagement ring. We will need your engagement ring for the workshop to use as a guide during this process.


Laser Engraved

Convert your designs into clear laser engravings. From fingerprints and skylines to unusual fonts, our in-house team can help bring your ideas to life.


1 The Idea

We can design a unique piece of jewellery specifically for you. Our in-house jewellery designer, Kim Hall works with you using your ideas to create something especially for you.

We will need an idea of metal type, size, images and extra design details.


2 Design Process

Consultation with our jewellery designer, Kim Hall is completely FREE and we will always provide you with a no-obligation quote before the design starts. Please include as much information as possible in your initial e-mail.


3 Design And Development

The development of your design may include CAD design, once the final design has been agreed we will start making your bespoke piece. The design stage is generally through email and phone communication; however we do have a showroom in Brighton.


4 Your Bespoke Ring

The very nature of a bespoke ring is that it will be created especially for you and therefore will be completely unique. Inputting your own ideas, whether they be personal or amalgamating a number of ideas from other designs, will create a unique ring which is special to you.


We will need an idea of metal type, size, images and extra design details. If you can please upload an image of your engagement ring so we can try and match the shape.

What counts as a bespoke item?
Bespoke items are jewellery pieces made specifically to your design requirement and that cannot be found on our website. They can also be items from our website that have been changed from their original design especially for you. Please note that we sometimes refer to engraved items as bespoke, as they are personalised for you, but these can be ordered directly online.

How long does it take?
This will depend on the time required to get the design right and approved by you, how quick you are on replying to emails as well as how busy our design workshop is at the time. It usually takes at least 4 weeks from final design approval and payment to delivery.

How much does it cost?
The consultation and design stage is FREE of charge. Once we have an outline of the design, we can supply you with a cost estimate. The final cost will depend on the materials needed, i.e. the cost of the precious metals and/or diamonds, plus the workshop costs. As with all our products, we want you to have your perfect ring at the best price possible! On a case by case basis we may be able to get your bespoke ring to you quicker than 4 weeks, however this would need to be discussed with our bespoke jeweller.
The lead time for this ring will be 4 weeks. As this ring would not be a standard ring that is available on the site, it would be considered a bespoke item and therefore non-returnable.
1. A bi colour ring presented a challenge to the owner of the engagement ring as they had trouble in finding a ring to match perfectly. We were able to line up the two contrasting coloured metals perfectly and set diamonds along the white portion of the ring. We pave set the diamonds in a zig zag pattern which made the white gold look diamond encrusted and gave the illusion of more diamonds than there actually was, a clever jewellery trick!

2. This customer had a contemporary engagement ring and the open ended nature of the design presented a few wedding ring options for the bride to be. After going through a number of CAD images, visiting our showroom and actually trying on some slim rings that were solid the couple decided that they would prefer to just echo the design in a plain version. We found that the rings could be worn either square ends together or you could flip it over and line up the round and square ends together giving a contrasting look.

3. This fabulous customer had already sourced their diamonds elsewhere and required them to be set into deep wedding bands. The rings gave the impression of a tension set but underneath there is plenty of strength in the bands to make them last for ever. The customer wanted to see what the rings would look like before we made them so we provided them with CAD drawings to illustrate how they would look. We had a resin master made from the Computer Aided Design files and from this made a mould. We then used this to cast in which ever metal the customer chose. The requirement was that this couple wanted a really pink colour so had them cast in 9ct rose gold to contrast with the diamonds.

4. This customer had ordered a shaped ring from our sample service which fitted perfectly with her engagement ring but after some consideration she felt that she would like the ring to be a tiny bit wider than the standard ring. We were able to scan the original ring and capture the details within a drawing program and then increase the width by half a millimetre. It may seem like a minute change to the ring but the customer felt that it made all the difference.

5. This beautiful trilogy ring has a 0.80ct brilliant cut diamond as a centre stone and is surrounded by 2 x 0.45ct diamonds making a total weight of 1.7 carats. It has a tapered shank that narrows towards the outer diamonds giving the illusion that the stones are even larger. The customer did return for a brilliant cut diamond half eternity wedding band to match.

6. This plain multi-coloured ring evolved from a more decorative version we sold on the website. It proved to be so popular we added the plain version as a standard product. It is constructed from 3 heavy weight flat rings in white, yellow and rose gold which are then soldered together. We have found that separating them with a fine line in between the different colours helps to differentiate the shades.

7. This ring was a sentimental piece for the customer. It was not an engagement ring but a big anniversary statement piece. The customer was keen to incorporate quite a few elements into the design. It has the large ruby as a centre stone and a 4 claw white gold setting holding it in place. On the underside there are four yellow gold leaves with smaller stones in the centre of each leaf. The stones chosen were two citrines, one emerald and a pink tourmaline. The stone choices were governed by the birth stone of her four children. This was a completely individual piece and I imagine it will become a family heirloom to be passed down the generations.

8. It is sometimes hard to find a matching wedding ring when the original piece makes a bit of a statement in itself. This engagement ring had a large white diamond and a contrasting cognac diamond in the opposite curl. The customer wanted something that wouldn't get lost design wise and would complement the colours adding a softer tone between the white and brown. We felt that the rose gold was the perfect solution and complimented both pieces of jewellery. The two rings almost lock into place and it is very slightly asymmetric but gives a great balance to the whole ensemble.

We would love to help you design your perfect ring, please contact us on [email protected] or give us a call on 01273 696515.
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