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Engraving a message

Engraving a message or date inside a wedding ring starts from just £24 per ring. We can normally fit up to 30 characters however this is dependent on finger size or if there are diamonds set through the ring. We can engrave most things on the inside or outside of the band, and have several different methods and styles of doing this. Check out our blog for some ideas of what to engrave on your rings.

Style of engraving

We offer three fonts that can be engraved into most ring styles and metals. There are three different ways of engraving your ring; hand-engraving, machine engraving and laser engraving. 

Hand-engraving is used for the majority of our engagement rings, shaped and diamond–set rings. If you select the option to engrave your ring on the outside this will be hand-engraved.

Machine engraving is extremely precise and accurate, it looks ideal on precious metals such as gold, platinum and palladium. We are able to offer a fast turnaround on machine engraved rings and it should not add additional time to your delivery date.

Laser engraving is more defined and appears darker on precious metals and alloys such as Titanium and Tungsten. We have a specialist laser engraving workshop who can engrave on the inside and/or outside of your ring. 

Machine Engraving

Machine Engraving

Script font is our most popular style of engraving. As this font is quite ornate it works best with up to 25 characters or on slightly bigger rings.

Roman font is a plain style similar to Times New Roman. This font is usually also used to engrave roman numerals of your wedding date on the inside or outside of the ring.

Helvetica is very similar in style to Arial font; it’s a modern alternative to the Script or Roman engraving. 

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

Tungsten, Titanium and Zirconium rings are engraved using a laser engraving machine because they are a harder alloy than precious metals and therefore can’t be machine engraved. Laser engraving on Black Zirconium will appear a white/grey colour as can be seen in the middle image above.

Engraving the date of your wedding in Roman Numerals is very popular; this can be done in different ways. The ring in the middle image above has been engraved by laser on the inside - quite often our customers have roman numerals engraved on the outside as well.


Bespoke & Runic Engraving

With the laser we can offer bespoke engravings too. If you have an idea for something unusual just get in touch. This offers you the chance to choose any font or symbol you like - you can even engrave your fingerprints into your rings! When it comes to laser engraving almost anything is possible as long as you can provide us with a .pdf file of the engraving you have chosen.

Runic engraving is always done by laser. You can enter the text directly into our website which then translates it into the runic font we use. The preview will show you what the letters will look like, and the two rings above give you an example of how the finished ring will look.

Engagement Rings 

Engraving engagement rings tends to be more complicated than engraving a wedding ring. There is often less space as the engraving has to be spaced between the diamond and the hallmark. Therefore the majority of engagement rings are hand engraved by our highly skilled hand engraver. Similar to our two standard fonts, the engraver can use a script font or a block font like our Roman font. Engraving an engagement ring costs £36.00. 

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