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Add a personal touch to your wedding rings by engraving them.

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We can add a personal touch to your wedding rings by engraving them. Choose between a variety of fonts, methods and styles to bring your dream ring to life. Engraving starts from just £24 per ring. We can usually add 30 characters but this depends on finger size and diamond placement. We offer three different methods of engraving: machine, laser and by hand.



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£24 per ring

Machine engraving is applied using a precise diamond tipped cutter. It is extremely accurate and clean. This style of engraving is available in three fonts: Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Script.

Machine engraving can only be applied to the inside of your ring, and is not available on Tungsten Carbide rings or rings of 8mm width and above.



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from £48 per ring

Laser engraving is done using a state of the art laser engraving machine. This allows for much more intricate laser designs. As a standard, we offer four fonts: Times New Roman, Script, Helvetica, and Ancient Runes. However, many more fonts are available upon request.

Laser engraving is much deeper and more defined than machine engraving. It can also achieve much finer lines and more detail. It can appear much darker, particularly on Titanium and Tungsten. This style of engraving is available on both the inside and outside of your ring.



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from £36 per ring

Hand engraving is an extremely specialised and traditional skill. Using a variety of specialist tools, our expert hand engraver can carve out words and patterns into your ring with incredible intricacy. Hand engraving has a lovely 3D effect and is usually used to apply decorative finishes to the outside of rings. You can shop our range of hand engraved rings here.

If you would like your engagement ring to be engraved on the inside, we may recommend hand engraving to ensure a good finish and no risk of damage to your diamonds. Hand engraved messages are available in Script or Times New Roman font.