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We can sell our rings for less because we have fewer overheads than high-street shops, and because we make most of our rings to order. Anthony's mission statement when starting the business was to supply perfect finished products direct from the workshop, without the need for expensive shop premises or huge amounts of stock to display. We do not compromise on quality - all of our precious metal is hallmarked, and you can read our policy on certifying diamonds. High street stores rarely know the quality of the diamonds in the rings they offer, and often charge a premium to provide certificates. Our diamond setters and other workshops are the best we can find, and our office team has a huge amount of experience in the jewellery industry.

We have spent over ten years building our range of wedding and engagement rings to suit every design and every budget. We probably have the largest collection of rings found online, and work closely with each workshop to ensure that each ring is made to the highest quality. Our prices are transparent, and our capabilities are almost endless - our bespoke service works closely with our customers to design the perfect rings they'll wear for the rest of their lives.

We know that choosing wedding rings is a special occasion, and the huge choice on offer can be intimidating - it can be surprisingly difficult to choose the ring you'll be wearing for the rest of your life! Our sample service and bespoke service are there to ensure that your choice of ring is right first time. Our customers love our sample service in particular, as the chance to try on any shape and size of ring is something that even high street shops can't always offer. Finally, if the worst comes to the worst and you receive a ring that is just not what you were looking for, our returns policy and terms and conditions are fair and comprehensive - they are there to help you out as well as to protect us. Our customer service agents are available by email or telephone, and genuinely care about helping you get the perfect wedding or engagement ring.

We don't produce a paper catalogue, simply because our product range is too vast!  Many of our prices are based on the finger size required, which would make it difficult to give useful pricing information in print. Constant changes in metal prices and new ranges being added to our website would mean that a printed catalogue would never be up to date.

We make all our rings to order, so we don't have a shop. Instead, we offer a sample service by post, where you can try on replica rings to make sure the one you order is the right size and is comfortable.  Samples are limited to our range of plain rings, shaped rings, engagement rings and a limited amount of decorative rings.

We are also happy to see customers in our Brighton showroom, by appointment.  We can show you the samples in person, and you will have the chance to discuss your jewellery needs with an expert in a relaxed, no-pressure environment.

We don't guarantee that we are the cheapest as we sell quality products with a personal service. If you are shopping around and see the same item for cheaper somewhere else, give us a call! We will endeavour to match the price, as long as the item is exactly the same.

The majority of our customers buy a pair of rings from us, so our prices are based on this assumption.


We accept payment by credit or debit card, Paypal or bank transfer. All credit/debit card payments must have a matching billing address, but you can choose a different delivery address for all cards except AMEX.

Sometimes payments are not accepted due to minor details, such as the address being slightly incorrect. Another common issue is that banks may not allow a high-value internet transaction, so it is always worth speaking to them to authorise the payment. If this turns out not to be the problem, then please call or email us and we will identify and solve the problem.

We regret that we don't offer any credit options on our products at this time.


Each ring will show an estimated delivery date on the product page, usually 2-3 weeks from the date the order is placed. Many rings will have the option for our express service as another feature on the page. As our rings are made to order, not all items can be manufactured more quickly. If you can't see the option for the express, please give us a call to discuss whether we can fit in with your timescales.

We post our rings to every country in the European Union as well as a long list of international destinations around the world. All orders paid by credit card or debit card must pass the 3-D secure check (aka Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, AmEx SafeKey), and this is especially important to us for overseas orders. If you are unable to pass the 3-D secure check with a card payment, please pay by bank transfer or Paypal. 

We send all our UK orders via Royal Mail Special Delivery, which is an insured and trackable service.  In the event that you have to return a ring to us, e.g. for a resize, please use the same service and keep hold of the tracking number until we have confirmed receipt of the package.

Parcels to ROI are sent via Royal Mail's international service, which is also insured and trackable.

Packages to mainland Europe and the rest of the world are sent via FedEx's International Priority service.

We never put our name on the packet for UK deliveries, for discretion and as we don't want to attract attention to the contents of a valuable parcel.  We can send the item to your place of work on request, subject to security checks. All items are sent fully insured and have to be signed for.  FedEx packages will say our name and the contents on the outside, so please keep an eye out for the email so you know when it's on its way!

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Yes - the package will be insured until it's been successfully delivered and signed for.

Product information and advice

We certify all solitaire engagement rings with diamonds over 0.25 carats and will certify the centre stone of trilogy engagement rings. The cost of certifying smaller diamonds sometimes changes the price of the diamond disproportionately as we would need to pass the cost of certifying the diamond on to you. Please note we do not supply diamond certificates for our diamond pendants and earrings, this means we are able to keep our prices down as most of these items will come with more than one stone. Please contact us in advance if you'd like a certificate with a diamond accessory, side stone, or a single stone below 0.25ct.

We regret that, at this time, we can only offer tungsten carbide rings in the specifications offered on our website.

We can send you a free ring gauge that fits on your finger like an adjustable belt and marks off your finger size. Please go to the ring gauge request form and complete all the relevant details.

The vast majority of our customers have worn their wooden inlay rings every day since their weddings with no problems. If you choose to wear a ring with a wooden inlay as a wedding ring, please follow the advice below. As we can not monitor whether or not people follow this advice, we regret that we cannot accept responsibility for any deterioration in the wooden inlay after three months from when we dispatch the ring. We can, however, replace the inlay for a charge equivalent to the cost to us. We will not make any exceptions to this three-month limit.

If the ring gets wet, the best thing to do is to keep it on while it dries. The natural oils on your finger will moisten the wood and keep it from cracking. Every now and then - as often as you can - you should rub linseed oil into the wood. If you don't have any linseed oil, then simple kitchen olive oil should do the job.

Many people, especially men, find choosing a wedding ring a surprisingly daunting task - there's such a vast range of designs, shapes and metals to choose from! We have a sample service where you can order a selection of rings in different shapes, to try on and decide what is going to be the most comfortable. Our double-comfort rings, in particular, are especially popular with people who are not used to wearing rings.

The vast majority of the titanium we supply will be Grade 2 / military grade. 

We are happy to supply white gold rings without the customary rhodium plating, and you can leave us a note during the checkout process to request this.  Please remember that the colour of white gold varies depending on the other metals in the alloy, and the carat of the metal.

In an ideal world, yes. Two rings will always rub together to some degree, so if they are the same metal then at least this will happen evenly. However, it is not the end of the world if the metals are different - any erosion will happen gradually, over many years, so will be barely noticeable.  For example, platinum and palladium have very similar properties so should be a good colour match and show wear and tear in a similar way. White gold rings are plated with rhodium, so you can usually wear different carats of white gold together.

Finding a wedding ring to match an engagement ring means finding a colour match and also making sure the two fit snug together.  Our sample service allows you to try on a selection of replica rings at home, to help you find a ring of the right shape to fit next to the engagement ring. We have a range of shaped wedding rings to fit next to the more unusual engagement rings, and offer a bespoke service to help those who find that none of the rings we offer are quite the right fit.

All of our jewellery complies with EU rules on the use of nickel in jewellery. We try to avoid the use of nickel altogether, and will never supply a metal with enough nickel in the alloy to cause a reaction even in the most vulnerable. If you are concerned about reactions to other metals, please give us a call or send us an email.

We encourage our customers to do their research about the appearance and properties of different metals, finishes and gemstones before placing an order with us.  We have a comprehensive buyer's guide, and our customer service department is always happy to help with queries about rings that you are thinking of buying.  If you do receive a ring that is not as expected, you can return it for an exchange or refund - please see our returns policy for full details.

We send out free ring gauges and have a sample service to help our customers ensure that their ring fits first time.  We also provide a resizing service at no more than the cost to us - please see our page on resizes for more details.

Look at what rings and jewellery she normally wears - is it dainty or chunky? What kind of shape is the band - wide, small, thin? What type of metal does she normally wear i.e. yellow gold or white metal, etc. Take mind notes but be tactful. You could always ask a close but trusted friend of hers to help you choose.

Don't worry if she doesn't usually wear rings - you could always find out what her favourite earrings or necklace are and choose something that goes with these. There are numerous ways to secretly find out her ring size, this may include seeing which of her friends has the same size finger as her, trying her ring on your fingers to see which one it fits or where on your finger it fits.

Or you could go shopping together, and take interest in what she is pointing out. If you are still concerned you could always wait until you have proposed and choose together. Some people use our sample/replica engagement rings to pop the question (though, of course, we need these back!).

Unfortunately we are unable to engrave rings not made by ourselves. This is due to the many ways a ring can be made and jewellery should only be worked on by the manufacturer, not by a third party.

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Bespoke designs and customisations

We regret that, at this time, we can only offer tungsten carbide rings in the specifications offered on our website.

We are happy to discuss options and possibilities with you and give some quotes, please see our pages on our bespoke service.

Sample service

We only have samples of some of our rings, so you should see the Sample option for items with product codes beginning with PWR, SHW, ENG and WDP. If the option is not showing for the ring you are thinking of buying, we still advise you to get a sample of a plain band to be sure that the final ring will fit and be comfortable. Simply take a note of the width, depth and profile of the ring you like, and order a sample of the corresponding plain band.

At the moment, we only send samples to the UK, as it's not possible to arrange returns postage for other countries. We can send samples to other EU countries by arrangement, so please complete the form below, and the samples team will let you know how to proceed.

At the moment, we only send samples to the UK, as it's not possible to arrange returns postage for other countries. We can send samples to other EU countries by arrangement, so please complete the form below, and the samples team will let you know how to proceed.

Please also have a look at our sample service information page.

Information about an existing order

Please contact us by phone if you'd like to change your order, or with any other urgent query.

Each item would have displayed an estimated delivery date on the product page before you placed the order. A guide to delivery timescales can be found by following the link. If you are still unsure of when to expect the ring, or if your wedding date is approaching, please complete the contact form or give us a call.

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Resizing or exchanging a ring I've received

As long as the ring is not engraved, you can return it for a refund or exchange. Just complete the returns form (inside the information leaflet) and make sure we have the ring back within 30 days of the date we sent it out to you. We strongly advise returning the ring by Royal Mail Special Delivery, as this service is insured and trackable. If the ring is engraved, we can probably still help you out - please complete the form below with your enquiry.

If you need the ring resized, just complete the returns form (inside the information leaflet) and return the ring to us. There is no time limit on resizes, as it's a chargeable service. You should also read through our page with full information on resizes, which also outlines costs. If you are still not sure how much we'll charge to resize the ring, please contact us using the form below.

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